I have never really been a blush girl and that could be due to the fact I’ve never had a blush I fell in love with, until now.

When I first saw the Zoeva Pink Spectrum blush palette I was hesitant as there is one colour of the four I was a bit apprehensive about. The colours are beautiful, especially PK020: it’s a warm pink and very flattering to my paler skin. The other colours are just as fabulous: PK010 has a light shimmer to it; and PK030 is a purple/pink tone blush. The last blush is PK040 and this is the one I’m a tad afraid of –  it’s a hot pink bold blush, its not to say I won’t try it sometime, but right now I just don’t have the balls!


Jouer Powder Highlighter in citrine is gorgeous! The shine is unbelievable and a little bit goes a long way – which is always a bonus. I like the fact you can build up this highlighter, so the Gods can see you!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Sugar, beautiful packaging – anything with shine to it is always a plus for me, but the highlighters themselves are truly stunning! Marshmallow being a favourite and Butterscotch being a close second, the other two: Starburst and Gumdrop I have yet to try. All the colours are gorgeous and the range is a big bonus but I don’t feel this glow kit has as much shine as the Jouer Powder Highlight. But the kit does push your makeup one step further – the shades glide on, when they catch the light they really do look flawless. And having four shades is always great. If I had to pick though, I would choose Jouer Powder Highlighter purely because it doesn’t take a lot to get that shine on.


Prices of the product.

Zoeva: £15.00

Jouer: £19.00

Anastasia Beverly Hills: £41.00


Makeup Brushes Review

I love makeup brushes! I’m pretty straight forward when it comes to brushes: I have some favourites and they work well for me. Oh, and please don’t judge the brushes, I haven’t cleaned them yet and lets be real it is a lot of effort cleaning brushes, ugh!


I’ll start off with the fantabulous Unicorn Brushes! So, in the set there’s a Contour Brush;Flat Top Foundation Brush; Blusher Brush; Brow Brush; Fan Brush; Powder Brush; Concealer Brush; Blending Eyeshadow Brush; and Packing Eyeshadow Brush. They not only look great, they work really well! Like most sets of anything, there are always ones that are used constantly and others that sit neglected in their holders. The ones I use the most are the Powder Brush, Fan Brush, Contour Brush and Foundation Brush. If you love unicorns and all things cute and pretty then this is perfect for you! The price, I think is reasonable, but I can’t tell you about shipping as I pre-ordered mine a while ago. The packaging is fantastic, so if you are looking for a perfect gift for your favourite friend, look no further, or if you have a birthday coming up, I’d start dropping hints 😉

Now Spectrum the Perfect Blend 8 Piece Eye Blending Brush Set, comes with C06 Tulip Eye Contour; A13 Short Smudge; A12 Fluffy Pencil; A07 Stubby Shader; A08 Medium Fluffy Shader; B04 Small Angled Blende; B06 Tall Tapered Blender; and A16 Precision Crease. LOVE, LOVE AND LOVE! These are on my list of must haves, they are THE best Eye Brush Set I have ever bought and I adore them – unlike some people I have known, they have never let me down. My personal favourites would be A12, A16, B06 and A08.

I have two brushes from Zoeva: 102 Silk Finish Brush and 142 Concealer Buffer. They both work wonders, the 102 foundation brush leaves a perfectly smooth finish – until I used this, I was all about the Beauty Blender (will never let that Beauty Blender go though, still a fav), but this is on another level! The Concealer Buffer is okay, I don’t use it as often, I feel kinda neutral about it.

Two more brushes I have are: a Real Techniques Brow Brush – it was in a pack, so I don’t know the price, sorry. I use this on a daily basis and it is pretty good. The other, No.7 Contour & Highlight Brush, is my keep-it-in-my-make-up-bag, for when I’m in a rush and just need that contour to look at natural as contour can be: its simple, effective and quick.


Hope You Enjoyed!!


The Original Unicorn Brushes -£45

Spectrum Perfect Blend 8 Piece Eye Blending Brush Set- £30.00

(Zoeva) 102 Silk Finish Brush- £13.00

(Zoeva) 142 Concealer Buffer- £9.00

No.7 Contour & Highlight Brush- £14.00