House of lashes and 2 more Review!

House of Lashes

Iconic: I know a few people who would say these are more for a night out, but I beg to differ!! If you are in a mood to look sultry, can you really say the mood only hits you after 9pm? Of course not! I love the way these lashes make my eyes look, and when the mood takes you, these are the ones for you – day or night.

Featherette: A recent purchase, I wore these during the day. And yeah, they work for everyday use, but am I a fan? No. Not only did they give me that spidery look (and we all know how I feel about that look) but they were a bitch getting on, with lots of adjustments to try and make them look OK.


Violet Voss Vamptress: These are full and fun – that’s about all I can say. Probably a better lash in this style is  Huda Beauty Farrah, as it has more curve and is easier to apply.


Benefit lashes Rockette: They are adorable: They have a thick band, so if new to lashes and/or you struggle with eyeliner, these could work for you. The inner lashes criss-cross then evolve into straight to the outer edge. They are not too thick or too long, again a real plus for those of you who are just starting to experiment, as they don’t make too much of an impact when you wear them.




-Iconic: £14.00


Violet Voss Vamptress:£10.50

Benefit Rockette Lashes:£12.50