Facemasks Part 2

So back with facemasks! I’m going to look at the clay/cream based ones, where if you are lazy like me you put on before a shower and then wash off and happy days…. that’s only on super lazy days 😉

The two here I’ve used a couple of times and they have worked pretty well., They aren’t expensive, so if you are on a budget, these could be the ones for you. Both by Freemans Feeling Beauty Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask  is great for radiance and the Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask + Scrub exfoliates and detoxes your pores!

Next up is the L’Oreal clay masks, I was pleasantly surprised by these.


My favourite one would be the L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask. My skin looks so good after and it really brightens me up! The L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask and L’Oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask, are pretty good too,

but if I had to pick one out of the two, I would pick the purity mask as it does more for me than the detox one! I think these are worth the try but I wouldn’t push you to get them.


Now for the  pricier ones….

GLAMGLOW..  love them! My favourites are ThistyMud Hydrating Treatment and YouthMud Tinglefoliate Treatment. These are the best: my skin was really dry but after using ThirstyMud I noticed a difference immediately, my skin felt better and looked better! The YouthMud is interesting my skin has never felt so smooth before, this is great for those who want a brighter and smoother complexion.


The others, SuperMud Clearing Treatment, FlashMud Brightening Treatment and PowerMud Dualcleanse Treatment are great as well, just not up there with my faves. SuperMud is handy if you want a good cleansing treatment, FlashMud is good if you want to brighten the skin and then there’s PowerMud – it does deep clean your skin leaving it refreshed and ready to take on anything I use this weekly and it does cleanse well, making your skin feel better and like it can breathe  again!


If there are any more masks you would like me to check out send me an email!

Next time I will be talking about a few of my favourite Makeup Brushes!



Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask -£1.50

Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask + Scrub- £1.50

L’Oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask- £6.00

L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask- £6.00

L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask-£6.00

( All the L’Oreal masks were purchased from amazon)

SuperMud Clearing Treatment -£39.00(50G)

YouthMud Tinglefoliate Treatment -£39.00

FlashMud Brightening Treatment -£39.00

PowerMud Dualcleanse Treatment -£39.00

ThistyMud Hydrating Treatment – £39.00


Face masks Part 1

I love a facemask They are fundamental to my well-being – slightly shallow I know, but whatever works I say! Masks give me an opportunity to take time out when I feel stressed – or help me feel a little more productive when I’m in front of the TV binge watching my favourite programmes… simply slap on a face mask and it’s all good!

I love a peel-off mask: the satisfaction of peeling it off in one piece cannot be described in words– it’s just so good! So, I will be talking about those in this blog. This will be part 1 for facemasks I think it would just be too long doing it in one loooong blog!

Just to go off point for a minute, I’m going to start with the Tonymoly I’m Real Skin Care Facial Mask Sheet Package. These are great, from amazon, costing £12.60 for 11 sheets. There are different ones for specific problems such as; brightening, radiance, skin soothing and plenty more. I don’t mind sheet masks, but given the recent weather, they are ideal to cool you down, so perfect over the summer. The packaging is quite cute as well!

There are some great masks available in chemists and supermarkets – they are cheap and do help a lot! 7th Heaven Manuka Honey Peel-Off, is nice and purifies your skin. Another good brand is Freeman Feeling Beautiful, my favourite is their Cucumber Peel- Off Mask, I normally keep this one in the fridge as it enhances the experience and feels so nice especially on a hot day!

I bought these two from amazon, I will start off with the ToullGo Official Peel Off Blackhead Mask this is pretty interesting, I’ve heard and seen about ones similar and the pain but with this one I put it simple on my nose and it doesn’t hurt too much. It does get some blackheads out but if you want something that will do the job well, I recommend getting T-Zone Tea Tree & Witch Hazel 6 Nose Pore Strips. Lastly the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask is an excellent peel off mask: easy to put on, good for sensitive skin and it’s great,at controlling oil and minimising those pores!

Overall these are some pretty good products and great value for the money!


Tonymoly I’m Real Skin Care Facial Mask Sheet Package – £12.60

7th Heaven Manuka Honey Peel-Off -£1.00

Cucumber Peel- Off Mask- £1.50

ToullGo Official Peel Off Blackhead Mask- £9.99

T-Zone Tea Tree & Witch Hazel 6 Nose Pore Strips- £3.00

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask – £22.00



Skincare, brilliant!

I swear, skin can be the most annoying thing in the world…well, at least for me: It changes a fairbit, plus those bloody blemishes that pop out of nowhere and… the dreaded pores!

I have recently invested in some new products to see if they will help. I’ve never really been one to have an intensive skincare routine or any routine at all to be honest! But when my skin was playing up a couple of months ago I thought ‘right, now is probably a good time to start!’

So Neck+ claims to prevent signs of ageing. Although I am probably slightly younger than the product’s target market, and have yet to face those fabulous wrinkles, it’s never too early to start the battle of aging. I will say it is nice and feels good on my skin, but I’m just not fond on the smell – I can’t put my finger on it – it is not bad, just not my taste!

The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask it is an interesting mask. I like that it doesn’t have to be on for too long, you just put it on, massage into skin and then leave for about 5 mins.  I normally use it before a shower, as I can then just wash it off (Note: hot tip for the lazy).

I’ve noticed a slight change in my skin: it seems brighter and the tone more even. I would recommend this product, as it has definitely helped with skin tone and brightness.

Clearing mask helped a lot: my breakouts have settled down. When I put this on, I can honestly say I feel super-relaxed: the smell is wonderful and you feel as if you are at a spa. This is a mask if you have a problem with blemishes, it seems to soothe the skin with regular use, keeping blemishes down to a minimum. Big fan of this!

The Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser is something different. The ingredients include kale, green tea, spinach and vitamins and the smell is refreshing and wakes you up! My skin always feels a lot cleaner after using this and it has made a difference: my skin is more vibrant and clean. My pores aren’t as bad as they used to be, which I’m obviously super happy about. The price is reasonable and this is a cleanser, I would recommend.


So, having talked about the masks I use in my skincare regime, I want to look at those I use just for the hell of it – when I need some down time, a bit of me time. (And yes, I do love a good face mask)


Neck+ £56.00

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask £39.50

Clearing mask £57.50

Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser £33.00