Walking Away

This can be from anyone, loved ones, friends or family but it all has the same ending, you walking away from something you are unhappy about. People think it’s a cowardly action to do but I say you have to be the strongest person to walk away from those that don’t deserve someone like you.

It doesn’t matter who it is, if you are unhappy and its due to an individual or individuals then do what you want and don’t think about them if they are the source. We forget to be selfish in the most important situations but you need to realise that your happiness is just as important as the next persons even though you may not see it, take a step back, look and think what would you tell your closest friend if you was in that situation? You would tell them to make the decision that makes them happy and that’s what you need to do yourself.

Walking away from someone means they are fully out of your life, so be honest with yourself if you are still keeping tabs on them and needing to know what’s going on are you really ready to let go? I think closure is important, so if you need to send that final message and then block and delete I say go for it, it’s time to do you.

I will say that you should wait till you’ve calmed down, I think we can all agree that we have made mistakes while in rage mode and that is fine but we regret those mistakes the most. It took me months before I realised it was time, I definitely should have done it sooner but one night I thought you know what? I’m good and ready. When I made my decision, it felt like a weight had been lifted and I could finally breathe.

I took my own advice and it was the best move I made and I don’t think I will ever look back and regret my decision, when honest with yourself you start to see the truth more and what you’ve been in denial about. Saying goodbye is tough but leaving that negativity is worth it, to know you are strong enough to move on says it all. Don’t be afraid, sometimes making that leap gets you further than you think.

Try not to dwell on it. It may be hard to not think about if that was the right or wrong decision but if you aren’t phased or feel a sense of relief, I’m going to say you may have made the right decision and I think that’s amazing.


Do you, make you happy, have positive people round and enjoy every moment.


Face masks Part 1

I love a facemask They are fundamental to my well-being – slightly shallow I know, but whatever works I say! Masks give me an opportunity to take time out when I feel stressed – or help me feel a little more productive when I’m in front of the TV binge watching my favourite programmes… simply slap on a face mask and it’s all good!

I love a peel-off mask: the satisfaction of peeling it off in one piece cannot be described in words– it’s just so good! So, I will be talking about those in this blog. This will be part 1 for facemasks I think it would just be too long doing it in one loooong blog!

Just to go off point for a minute, I’m going to start with the Tonymoly I’m Real Skin Care Facial Mask Sheet Package. These are great, from amazon, costing £12.60 for 11 sheets. There are different ones for specific problems such as; brightening, radiance, skin soothing and plenty more. I don’t mind sheet masks, but given the recent weather, they are ideal to cool you down, so perfect over the summer. The packaging is quite cute as well!

There are some great masks available in chemists and supermarkets – they are cheap and do help a lot! 7th Heaven Manuka Honey Peel-Off, is nice and purifies your skin. Another good brand is Freeman Feeling Beautiful, my favourite is their Cucumber Peel- Off Mask, I normally keep this one in the fridge as it enhances the experience and feels so nice especially on a hot day!

I bought these two from amazon, I will start off with the ToullGo Official Peel Off Blackhead Mask this is pretty interesting, I’ve heard and seen about ones similar and the pain but with this one I put it simple on my nose and it doesn’t hurt too much. It does get some blackheads out but if you want something that will do the job well, I recommend getting T-Zone Tea Tree & Witch Hazel 6 Nose Pore Strips. Lastly the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask is an excellent peel off mask: easy to put on, good for sensitive skin and it’s great,at controlling oil and minimising those pores!

Overall these are some pretty good products and great value for the money!


Tonymoly I’m Real Skin Care Facial Mask Sheet Package – £12.60

7th Heaven Manuka Honey Peel-Off -£1.00

Cucumber Peel- Off Mask- £1.50

ToullGo Official Peel Off Blackhead Mask- £9.99

T-Zone Tea Tree & Witch Hazel 6 Nose Pore Strips- £3.00

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask – £22.00