House of lashes and 2 more Review!

House of Lashes

Iconic: I know a few people who would say these are more for a night out, but I beg to differ!! If you are in a mood to look sultry, can you really say the mood only hits you after 9pm? Of course not! I love the way these lashes make my eyes look, and when the mood takes you, these are the ones for you – day or night.

Featherette: A recent purchase, I wore these during the day. And yeah, they work for everyday use, but am I a fan? No. Not only did they give me that spidery look (and we all know how I feel about that look) but they were a bitch getting on, with lots of adjustments to try and make them look OK.


Violet Voss Vamptress: These are full and fun – that’s about all I can say. Probably a better lash in this style is  Huda Beauty Farrah, as it has more curve and is easier to apply.


Benefit lashes Rockette: They are adorable: They have a thick band, so if new to lashes and/or you struggle with eyeliner, these could work for you. The inner lashes criss-cross then evolve into straight to the outer edge. They are not too thick or too long, again a real plus for those of you who are just starting to experiment, as they don’t make too much of an impact when you wear them.




-Iconic: £14.00


Violet Voss Vamptress:£10.50

Benefit Rockette Lashes:£12.50


Benefit Brows!

I have three brow products from benefit; 3D Browtones, High Brow Pencil and Ka Brow!


The Ka Brow! is pretty good, although the tool that comes with it I’m not a fan of: it’s just too small and I can’t work with it. But the cream-gel is really good – I’ve tried other gels and to be frank, I simply haven’t mastered them, but this one is something I could get used to.

The High Brow Pencil is creamy –it is actually what it says it is! How many times have we all bought products that promised to be ‘creamy’ only to be confronted by scratchy, harsh products rather than the smooth glide you expect from the promise of ‘creamy’. However, although I don’t mind this pencil, I wouldn’t say it is a ‘must have’ – it seems expensive for what it is and it does have a pink undertone, which is a bit of an issue for my skin tone. I’ve tried to get on with it but at the end of the day, despite delivering the creamy texture it says it will, I’m just not feeling it. Maybe the more I use it I might learn to like it, but I’m never going to love this product.

On the other hand, 3D Browtones is fabulous: When you use it don’t expect a big change – it will highlight your brow subtly and makes your brows look more groomed and natural.  Note brow beginners, this may be a good starter product for you.


Remember anything you want me to review just let me know!




3D Browtones-£18.00

High Brow Pencil-£16.65

Ka Brow!-£18.00