TooFaced Haul

I’ve had these products for about 6 months now and I’ve had some time to decide whether these products are worth the purchase.

A must have is the Primed & Poreless powder, what a life saver! This is so good, this is my 3rd one now and there isn’t a powder like this one! It set my makeup so well and isn’t too heavy for me, I have dry skin as well and this powder doesn’t make that too obvious.

Shadow Insurance and Glitter Glue are amazing! Shadow Insurance is such good primer for my eye makeup, it stays on all day and night! The Glitter Glue is good it does the job and I have never had a problem with it personally.

Now the Born This Way foundation…. I got the lightest shade I could as my skin tone is pretty much never leave the house or seen the sun shade. I will be honest with you I hated this foundation at first, something just didn’t feel right and it didn’t sit right on my face BUT I tried it again a couple of months ago and now it’s my go to foundation for day time. It wasn’t full coverage for me but I prefer more of a natural look for day time, once you blend it in well it does leave you face flawless, the foundation colour is a bit off for me but I can make it work. I do recommend this just give it a chance!

Natural Love Palette! Yes! This is perfect for an everyday look, you can create so many looks and never get bored! I personally wouldn’t say I would use this palette for night time looks. I think what is lovely about this palette is that its suitable for all age groups, some palettes seem a tad intimidating at first but some of the subtle shades make you feel at ease. I feel if you want a starter palette or aren’t into bold looks this could be one to invest in!

Melted Latex….No. Don’t bother, I wasted money to be honest. I am all about TooFaced and I love their products but this one is a miss I’m afraid. I tried a bolder colour and it wasn’t what I expected I looked horrendous, the texture doesn’t do your lips justice and the consistency is unappealing. This product is a thumbs down overall. Give this one a miss if I were you!



Hope you enjoyed!


Favourite Red Lipsticks

Now, I have two favourite reds that I stand by: Dior 999 Matte and YSL 201. The Dior is the darker, evening red whereas the YSL seems it has a hint of orange, but still holds that beautiful, vibrant red. I love them both and they both work for me. If buying Dior 999, I do recommend getting the lip pencil just to help it stay on longer and to look even better. There is nothing in the world better than a good red lippy to bring out the sass in anyone!



Dior 999: £27.50

YSL 201:£27.00

Benefit Brows!

I have three brow products from benefit; 3D Browtones, High Brow Pencil and Ka Brow!


The Ka Brow! is pretty good, although the tool that comes with it I’m not a fan of: it’s just too small and I can’t work with it. But the cream-gel is really good – I’ve tried other gels and to be frank, I simply haven’t mastered them, but this one is something I could get used to.

The High Brow Pencil is creamy –it is actually what it says it is! How many times have we all bought products that promised to be ‘creamy’ only to be confronted by scratchy, harsh products rather than the smooth glide you expect from the promise of ‘creamy’. However, although I don’t mind this pencil, I wouldn’t say it is a ‘must have’ – it seems expensive for what it is and it does have a pink undertone, which is a bit of an issue for my skin tone. I’ve tried to get on with it but at the end of the day, despite delivering the creamy texture it says it will, I’m just not feeling it. Maybe the more I use it I might learn to like it, but I’m never going to love this product.

On the other hand, 3D Browtones is fabulous: When you use it don’t expect a big change – it will highlight your brow subtly and makes your brows look more groomed and natural.  Note brow beginners, this may be a good starter product for you.


Remember anything you want me to review just let me know!




3D Browtones-£18.00

High Brow Pencil-£16.65

Ka Brow!-£18.00


Skincare, brilliant!

I swear, skin can be the most annoying thing in the world…well, at least for me: It changes a fairbit, plus those bloody blemishes that pop out of nowhere and… the dreaded pores!

I have recently invested in some new products to see if they will help. I’ve never really been one to have an intensive skincare routine or any routine at all to be honest! But when my skin was playing up a couple of months ago I thought ‘right, now is probably a good time to start!’

So Neck+ claims to prevent signs of ageing. Although I am probably slightly younger than the product’s target market, and have yet to face those fabulous wrinkles, it’s never too early to start the battle of aging. I will say it is nice and feels good on my skin, but I’m just not fond on the smell – I can’t put my finger on it – it is not bad, just not my taste!

The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask it is an interesting mask. I like that it doesn’t have to be on for too long, you just put it on, massage into skin and then leave for about 5 mins.  I normally use it before a shower, as I can then just wash it off (Note: hot tip for the lazy).

I’ve noticed a slight change in my skin: it seems brighter and the tone more even. I would recommend this product, as it has definitely helped with skin tone and brightness.

Clearing mask helped a lot: my breakouts have settled down. When I put this on, I can honestly say I feel super-relaxed: the smell is wonderful and you feel as if you are at a spa. This is a mask if you have a problem with blemishes, it seems to soothe the skin with regular use, keeping blemishes down to a minimum. Big fan of this!

The Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser is something different. The ingredients include kale, green tea, spinach and vitamins and the smell is refreshing and wakes you up! My skin always feels a lot cleaner after using this and it has made a difference: my skin is more vibrant and clean. My pores aren’t as bad as they used to be, which I’m obviously super happy about. The price is reasonable and this is a cleanser, I would recommend.


So, having talked about the masks I use in my skincare regime, I want to look at those I use just for the hell of it – when I need some down time, a bit of me time. (And yes, I do love a good face mask)


Neck+ £56.00

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask £39.50

Clearing mask £57.50

Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser £33.00

Dior Review

I bought these products back in February. The cushion foundation is slowly fading away (sad times) but the fact it has lasted so long shows that it is a great investment – I used it a fair bit nearly every day. I have also put down the colours I got them in!

My Skin

I have dryish skin on my forehead but everywhere else isn’t too bad, of course I have those annoying things; pores which will ruin me! I’m also quite pale, so sometimes it is hard to find a foundation that is just right and not too yellowy for me

The DiorSkin Forever Perfect Cushion (012) is fabulous and I will be purchasing another cushion soon. It’s light, barely feels like anything is on your face, coverage isn’t too bad but if there is a slight blemish you will for sure need to use some concealer. It is great for pores, mine aren’t as noticeable and really gives me a fresh look.

The DiorSkin Nude Air Loose Powder (010) I use this a lot too; it does give a lovely finish, not too heavy and it sets everything perfectly. I use this for nights out as well, plus it’s a bit of a bonus but the container/pot looks cute!

I think these products are worth the price, I am a tad picky with foundation, it’s hard to find one that stays on and doesn’t feel too heavy. I think these two together are perfect, they do the job I need.

So if you are looking for a light coverage and comfortable foundation then this could be a great fit for you!



DiorSkin Forever Perfect Cushion (012)- £35.00

DiorSkin Nude Air Loose powder( 010)-£36.50

A Lil’ Introduction

So, I’m here to share my opinion about mainly makeup because I might have a slight obsession with make up, but who doesn’t? But I will also discuss things I like as well maybe music, films and other bits and bobs although it will be heavily based on makeup!

I would love to hear from you and if you want any reviews on a product and I can see what I can do!

I’ll always give the basic details, updates if it is anything about skin and how the product works for me. I will give tips that may not be new but It works for me, I am in no way fabulous at makeup and I just know I have a passion for it, that’s why I would like to share it with you and hope we can all enjoy it!


I have a few things coming up I have which are:

-Dior Makeup review


– Facemasks

-Makeup brushes


I hope to do more so please let me know, you can reach me at: